Tara Lynn Baeza
I got my baby from the owner. She is perfect. The owners really care about their kittens. I got my girl almost a year ago And the breeder and I keep in touch he loves knowing how she is doing. I send him photos and videos of our growing Sphynx girl. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to get a kitten!
Brianna P
I brought home a beautiful Sphynx kitten from Vlad a few months ago, and she is incredible! Perfectly healthy with a fun and energetic personality! This was my first time owning a Sphynx and Vlad was always extremely responsive to my questions. He’s checked in multiple times since I’ve brought Khaleesi home and he loves seeing pictures and videos of her! It’s obvious Vlad and his wife love and care for these babies beyond how a standard breeder does. When I’m ready to add another Sphynx to the family I’ll definitely be going back to Vlad!
Reyna R
My Sphynx is 6 months. Beautiful male, grey color. The seller was professional, followed up several times after taking my new kitten home to answer any questions and check on overall health of my new baby.
Alma T
I recommend the breeder I have a beautiful sphynx kitten from this breeder whose name is Rose, she is one year and six months old, very good kitty is my first sphynx she is very playful loving and is very healthy we are thinking of getting another sphynx soon and I want it from this same breeder
Lakima W
Almost a year ago I took a wonderful kitten from Gorgeous Sphinx kittens and recently I took his younger brother as a present for his birthday! They love each other and play all the time! Thank you so much!
Svetlana L
I adopted a wonderful boy from Gorgeous Sphinx kittens. He is extremely smart, playful and energetic. Thank you so much for our new family member!
Fantastic kittens! I got two of them and very happy with that! Professional and careing stuff made relocation easy and plesant.
Wonderful kitten excellent service. Thank you.
Really great kittens! So far I could take only one but hope to get another one in couple of months!
Very professional and knowledgeable breeder. Great, healthy kittens. Vlad takes really good care of them. Highly recommend this breeder.
Gorgeous Kittens and a Caring Staff
We took two wonderful kittens from this breeder three months ago and really happy with them! Thank you very much!
Excellent service! Thanks a lot for our beautiful and lovely new member of the family!
Great Person! Great kittens, they make people happy
It's a great breeder and great kittens! So far I could adopt only one of them but as soon as I can take another one I will! Vlad explained to me how to handle the boy in a best possible way, what is his favorite food, and best litter. I named the boy Tiger. Now he became my best friend and I miss him even I leave home just for a couple of hours!
We have purchased a Sphynx little girl and she is just the most amazing and sweetest addition to our family. Vlad was very supportive and provided us with complete instruction how to keep our baby safe and healthy. Just a great experience!. We are so in love with this little angel!
I live in New Jersey so when I found on the Internet a breeder on Staten Island I called immediately. It took for me less then hour to meet really gorgeous kittens of Canadian Sphynx. I was provided with complete instruction how to feed, to take care, and keep healthy the kitten I decided to adopt. I gave the boy a name Pinky. He is a most adorable creature in the world! I recommended all my friends who love cats to call this breeder and become as happy as I am with my new small family member!
After looking for a local reputable Canadian Sphynx breeder I discovered Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens. From the initial inquiry to pick up the day, Glad was very supportive. I can tell he cares about his babies. He showed to me how to groom the ears of a Sphynx and even clipped the latter's nails before we took him home. The kitten is soon sweet and playful that I think about another one. If you are looking to buy a Canadian Sphynx I would definitely recommend Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens from Staten Island.
I recently purchased a beautiful little boy from Vlad and I can tell you I will be getting another one from him as soon as I can. I was so impressed with his cats, mom and dad are by far the most gorgeous large healthy looking Sphynx that I have ever seen and my boy is all I dreamed of and more. It is very clear that this breeder loves his babies as my boy Prince is so well socialized and sweet. He acclimated to me and my home with no issues. I also really appreciated how clean his home is and his hygiene protocol for people coming into his home so that his wonderful babies are not in danger of people bringing anything into his home that could harm them. You can tell right away that this is a passion and love that motivates him and his wife to raise these babies not money a rare and wonderful and hard to find thing anymore. If you are looking for the best of the best this is the place to buy your baby.
We got a Sphynx kitten from Vlad on summer 2016. We gave him name Matthew. He is the most loved member of our family. He is wonderful, beautiful, and kind. He loves children and loves cuddling and taking naps with them. He has bonded with our other cat, who we got when he was a little older than 1 years old, he accepted her without any anger or hostility. They have now become the absolute best friends. We are so happy to have such a wonderful cat in our lives, and if given the chance we would love to get another sphinx from Vlad.
We have brought home a total now of 3 "babies" from Vlad over the years. Our oldest Kane is 3....Mishka is Almost 2 and our newest Elliot is 9 months. All 3 of these Sphynx are gorgeous and come from strong lineages. They are amazing with our 10 year old son as well as our dogs and other Spynx in our household. It is abundantly clear that Vlad invests significantly in the well-being and health of the animals before they are adopted and has generously made himself available to answer questions once we brought them home. His breeding of the Sphynx is a labor of love. We strongly recommend him as a Breeder and anyone would honestly be lucky to bring home one of his kittens!
Altogether I have gotten 4 sphynx kittens in a three year period from Vlad. First came Moon , a beautiful pink kitten , then Casper ...another pink beauty with blue eyes . They are so lovable and smart ... I have had cats my whole life ... but Vlad's Sphynx are special... just beautiful ... we have a certain bond that I have not had with other cats before... I don't know whether it's because they are so smart or because they want to be warm but they are the most lovable and the best cuddlers! I could not resist the last two kittens , now 7 months old ...they are bluepoints ... amazingly beautiful and just when you think they can't get any smarter! These cats cuddle , kiss and listen to you ... not your typical cat personality for sure! Colleen Athens